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Use this bodycomposition calculator to find out how lean/fat are you

Knowing your weight is not enough to know your health status, you need to know your actual body fat percentage. Higher body fat percent strongly correlates with higher health risks. Having said that, too lean (below 5%) isn't healthy either.


The following calculator helps you to find out easily. While this is not the most accurate way to measure body fat but is certainly one of the easiest methods and gives a reasonable guess. Do not reply on those commerical bodyfat scale used by many personal trainers and medical workers in Singapore. Although very easy to use, they can highly inaccurate and inconsistent, making it pointless to use (1, 2). A good professional personal trainer would never rely on such machines. 


A better method is to get a good personal fitness trainer in Singapore like us to measure your skin-fold thickness, which is more accurate than the machine type. Unfortunately over 90% of trainers in Singapore do not know how to do it because it requires great skill. We can do it for you for Free in Singapore. Contact us how.

A third method requires the use of just a string. This method is featured in Dr Oz show. No figures are given but it tells you if you are at health levels or not.


Using a measuring tape and measure the following (the picture below serves as a guide), then key in the information in the Bodyfat Percent Form


  • Height.

  • Waist (at narrowest, usually right above the belly button).

  • Hip (at widest). Only meant for females.

  • Neck (at narrowest)

Look up the table below. Where do you stand? Are you lean enough?

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