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Want to know how much calories are you burning daily?

Created by the exercise physiologist/medical personal trainer in Singapore, Coach Paul Kuck, this calculator helps you to track the amount of calories you burn during your daily activities. You can calculate the calories burned from everyday exercises like walking, running, biking or swimming. Simply input your gender, age, and current weight along with the duration and type of activity, and we’ll do the rest!

Influential factors for calories burned calculation

One of the most important factors in determining calories burned by exercise is indicating the workout intensity within the calculator. The calories burned from walking, for example, will differ significantly from the amount of calories burned by running. Our calculator takes these factors into account in order to calculate and yield the most accurate results. While using our calories burned calculator, for example, you can choose specific speeds from our search box.


This is essential, as the calories burned by running will be much higher than those burned during a leisurely jog. Differing speeds during a workout, usually referred to as interval training, is also a great method for burning calories. In this case, the runner alternates between slow and quick speeds. When it comes to calories burned based on speed and intensity, the same goes for any other activity. A relaxed bike ride, for example, will burn less calories than a high-intensity biking trek through the mountains.

Other influential factors when using a calories burned calculator include body weight and overall body size. Calories burned through exercise differ from weight to weight. An individual with a higher body weight will burn more calories than a smaller individual, even if the intensity and duration are the same. In addition, age can also play a role. As an individual ages, there is a steady degradation in muscle mass. This means someone will burn less calories the older they get. Our calculator takes these factors into account.

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