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Want to know how much calories should you be taking daily?

Created by the exercise physiologist/medical personal trainer in Singapore, Coach Paul Kuck, this calculator helps you to calculate and understand your daily calorie intake needs. Our calorie needs calculator is highly personalized, so it can yield calorie intake for both men and women. Simply input the requested information, and we’ll display the healthiest range for your recommended calorie intake whether you’re looking to gain, lose or maintain your current weight. Try it today, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

How many calories do I need?


What is my daily calorie intake, and how many calories do I actually need per day? These are questions anyone who has ever been concerned with their health or weight has asked many times before. And the answer? Well, when it comes to your wellbeing, it’s vital! If you’re consuming more calories than you need per day, you’re bound to keep piling on the pounds year after year. This can lead to being overweight, developing cardiovascular disease, and even becoming obese. On the other hand, consuming to few calories can be just as dangerous. Depriving your body of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins can easily lead to future health problems. Not to worry, though! With the free, online Calorie Intake Calculator, you can easily calculate your recommended calorie intake. Simply fill in the required information, and, whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain weight, our daily calorie intake calculator will put you on the right path!

How our Calorie Intake Calculator works


So, how exactly does our calculator find your daily calorie needs? Your recommended calorie intake depends on several different factors, including gender, age and daily activity. Our caloric needs calculator takes all of these variables into account.


  • Gender, for example, plays an essential role in daily calorie intake calculation. Men generally have a higher muscle percentage than women. Since muscle burns calories faster than fat, the calorie requirements for men will be naturally higher than the calorie intake needs for women.

  • Age also plays an essential role. As our bodies age, they burn fewer and fewer calories per day. That means, as an individual ages and their metabolism slows, their daily caloric needs decrease as well. This is an essential factor, especially if someone fails to reduce their calorie intake from year to year. Weight gain is generally the result.

  • Lastly, but most certainly not least, is the factor of lifestyle and activity. Those with a physically active lifestyle will burn more calories during the day and will have higher calorie requirements. Furthermore, individuals participating in sports, and building more muscles as a result, will have a higher recommended calorie intake.


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